Architectural Control Committee

What do I need to do before making a change on my property? 
All modifications/improvements undertaken on your home/lot must be approved by the Association’s Architectural Control Committee (ACC), including repainting your house trim another color.
An ACC request form can be found in your Resident Portal. In addition to filling out the form, you should include a copy of your plat (survey) and any sample drawings or photos that you think the committee may need to get a visual on what you are planning to do. 
Once Ascension Property Management receives your form along with the plat and sample photos, they will forward the information to the committee to review. They will send the homeowner automated emails regarding the status of the project and if any additional information needs to be provided for the committee to make their decision. Each new project needs a separate ACC form. Please contact Ascension Property Management if you have any further questions or need more clarification.