Lake Forest Pool Location:
2734 Lake Forest Dr., Round Rock
Lake Forest HOA Pool Season:
The Lake Forest HOA pool is open year round from 6:00 am-10:00 pm. If you see anyone in the pool area during closed hours of operation, please contact RRPD (non-emergency number). 
Pool Cards: 
Please fill out a Pool Card Waiver Form to activate your card or request a new card. 
For lost or additional pool cards, there is a $26 fee which can be paid through the form. Your card will not be processed until a form and payment (when applicable as indicated in the form) has been received. 
Pool cards are processed Monday-Thursday and will be sent to you in the mail. No card pick up or drop off is available. You will receive a temporary access code while you wait for your card in the mail. 
If you are landlord, your tenant will have to fill out a Pool Card Waiver Form, and you will need to fill out an Owner/Tenant Permission Form
Lake Forest HOA Pool Rules:
Pool cards will be suspended for violating pool rules or unpaid dues. 
PLEASE NOTE:  There are NO lifeguards on duty at this HOA pool.  Children under the age of 14, will need to be accompanied by a resident/adult over 18.