Clubhouse Reservation

The Lake Forest Clubhouse is a great place for residents to hold a party or event, next to the pool area.  When reserving the clubhouse, the pool area will NOT be exclusive to your reservation, as other residents can still use the pool area during regular hours of operation.
Making a Reservation
More detailed information is available below, but in order to make a reservation you will need to:
  • Be a Lake Forest resident and have an active pool card
  • Fill out the Clubhouse Reservation and Waiver Form
  • Use the link in the form to reserve your 4 hour time slot using the Online Reservation System.
  • Enter your payment information through the form if you are booking Friday-Sunday or if it is your third weekday rental. 
  • Submit your Clubhouse Reservation Form after booking your reservation and paying the rental fee if applicable
Activate Pool Card: You will need an active pool card in order to get into the clubhouse.  After May 2021,  there is a special COVID Waiver form you will need to fill out in order to activate your pool card.  Please make sure you filled out the COVID Waiver here Pool Card Covid Waiver .  See the "Amenities" & "Pool" tab for the form and more information regarding pool cards. 
Clubhouse Reservation Form: Your HOA does not staff the clubhouse.  This amenity can be reserved using our online reservation system linked below. Reservations can be made in 4 hour increments. If you want to make a reservation for longer than 4 hours, you will need to fill out a reservation form for each 4 hour time slot that you want. Be sure to follow the links in the form to schedule your reservation and pay the reservation fee if applicable. The clubhouse door will be temporarily activated by your pool card the Thursday evening before your event.  Please make sure it works by testing it out (24 hours, if possible) BEFORE your event starts.  Contact Ascension Property Management if your pool card is NOT working by calling 512-255-1671.
Clubhouse Fees/Payments: All clubhouse reservations for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will have a $50 charge for a 4 hour time block. For weekday reservations, the first 2 weekday reservations are free per household, per calendar year.  The third weekday reservation will be a $50 charge. 
You can use the link in the Clubhouse Reservation form to make a reservation fee payment or use the link in "Fee Payments." Please know that there is a 2.8% additional fee added to each transaction. No cash refunds, credit to dues account only. 
PLEASE NOTE:  If payment has not been received by our office 5 days PRIOR to your event, it is subject to be canceled without notice. Also, if you attempt to make this reservation inside the the 5 day window, additional fees may be applied by the property manager.  In addition, if the clubhouse is left in disarray, dirty, garbage not removed, things broken, etc., the resident may be charged an additional amount.
Your HOA Board of Directors and Property Managers are here to help fix problems, but we are also counting on personal responsibility of each individual to notify us of issues. Please help us by notifying us of problems or if someone prior to your reservation did not clean up after their event.  Thank you.